How I can help

Adjustment or Change to your normal day to day existence, can be difficult to manage for some people, however if a change is forced on you due to Health issues, you can find yourself being ‘lost’ and feeling alone as you struggle to cope. One minute, you are doing what you do in your life and the next, you are seriously ill and whisked off to hospital. That life you knew before has gone, but you can adjust and recover most of it, and sometimes do better than before with care and support. After you get home from hospital, you are faced with a set of New Rules, set by the medical professionals, which they advise you to follow.

“Stop this and stop that. No more of this and lots of that. You must do this and must not do that”. So much to take on board and your whole lifestyle is turned upside down. It can be tough. You may be reading this thinking that your adjustment process was quite easy, and that is great to hear, however the majority of people who have suffered a heart attack, need lots and lots of help to adjust to a new lifestyle.

I offer a Psychotherapy, Counselling and Mentoring service to help you return to a semi-normal way of life. I do not have a magic wand where I can cure you, but I do promise that I will do everything that I can, to help you adjust to life after a heart attack or heart complications.

Confidence usually takes a real dip after a Heart Attack, and some people find it difficult to speak on the telephone, or indeed to anyone outside of their home. Please take that first step now…after all, you have clicked on this website because you are looking for help and for information. Contact form here

 A new life that where you need to remember what has happened, but in a safe way, in a manner that you are able to reassure yourself that you are recovering and getting stronger as each day passes. Acceptance is key in moving forward and I will help you with this.

This is also a time that you may feel you are alone, really alone, and you are scared and hoping that this is a dream, you are about to waken from, but alas, it is reality, and my purpose here, is that I want to help you or someone you know to discover a positive way to go forward in life and to find meaning and calmness within your very being.

I believe 100% that I can help you re-adjust to life after trauma.

Counselling is not for everyone, nor are Alternative Therapies, but many medical professionals are acknowledging the benefits of therapies, that I offer, such as Mindfulness and Walking therapies.

What is it that I can do to help you? I can offer you my time and extensive experience in Counselling and Psychology to gently get your life and confidence back on track. We do things at a pace to suit your needs. Join me for a Walk and Talk or a Walk in Nature and together we can make a difference.

Contact me in the first instance and then decide if I am the person to help you cope with this incredibly challenging adjustment to your life. I have been there and still wear the T-shirt of a Heart survivor; you can too.


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