Healthy Habits


Out of hospital after a heart attack and in need of a lot of help…just to keep going. The Doctors say just to rest, take it easy and recover.

That’s all very well if you live in a quiet area with lots of family and friends around to check in on you and help out.

Yes, it is a strain on a partner and other carers, but some people do not have access to anyone. They may live alone or stay in a noisy environment.

Doctors will tell you to stop smoking (if you smoke), cut down on alcohol, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, pastries…..the list goes on. You may have been told that you have to lose weight or you are diagnosed as diabetic since your heart attack. There are so many things which you are prohibited to eat and drink. This can be overwhelming for most people.

The changes to the diet and lifestyle can cause many problems, and increased anxiety. It is so easy for the medical professionals sitting there telling you that this and that have to stop, and you probably are told to visit some websites for more information and are handed some basic leaflets on healthy eating. ‘Get on with it’ is the message given out, because of time and financial restrictions to the staff in hospitals. Obviously they care about you, however they can only do so much for an individual, because they have many others to attend to before their shift ends. Remember that you have a choice whether to do as the medical people say. Sometimes you just cannot make that change and find it so difficult, sometimes appearing impossible, therefore this is where I can help re-adjust your lifestyle.

Let’s look at some of these Lifestyle Changes which you will be asked to fulfill:

Stop Smoking

Cut back Alcohol

No Pastries, Cakes or Chocolates

Stay Fit and Exercise

Getting Back to Work


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