Stop Smoking



Smoking, apparently is the number one issue that doctors will address after your heart attack. They advise you to stop immediately and will (should) offer a helpline cessation telephone number and normally will prescribe you with nicotine replacement therapy of certain kinds; gum or pipe inhalers. All with good intentions, however stopping short of real help. You are out of hospital, been to the doctors, got your prescription and sitting looking at the Nicotine gum or pipe, thinking okay, I will just finish this pack of cigarettes off and start tomorrow. And then it’s harder to stop, because the nicotine is back inside your system, got you hooked once more. I will help you cut down and quit smoking. I stopped cold turkey after decades of smoking. Yes, when I am sitting writing this out, I am thinking back to when I smoked, enjoying the sensations of smoking and yes I do miss it, but I choose not to smoke. That’s the key words there – I choose not to. If you choose to continue smoking, then I can relate there and accept that it is your choice. If you want help, let me know, if not, let’s not even go there – nothing worse than someone telling you to give up! I had 20 years of it!


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